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Welcome to Mid Valley where City Connections Travel Sdn Bhd serves you. “City Connections” means “Connecting you to your Destination around the World”. We come from land far apart with diversified cultures, and speak many different languages but our company philosophy holds on to the belief that our destinies are bound together in “One Malaysia .Our corporate tagline “Service can make a Different” further reinforces our philosophy.

Allow us this opportunity to introduce our company profile in more details so that you may get to know us better.

Affiliation to our Holding Group

City Connections Travel Sdn Bhd (CCTSB) is fully owned by Halim Mazmin Berhad. The parent company started some 30 years ago when the dawn of the nation’s offshore oil and gas industries opened opportunities for local companies to engage inship agency and husbanding services. Halim Mazmin Berhad received a further boost with its transfer to the main board of Bursa Malaysia Securities on 17 January 2002, signaling its expanding role in the nation’s international trade.

Looking Back with us


City Connections Travel Sdn Bhd is a fully owned Bumiputra private limited company established in the nineties. As a bumiputra travel agent we are licensed under Ministry of Finance, Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board and our Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism. We are also one of the travel industry Bumiputra pioneers in Malaysia.

We provide customized and innovative solutions to meet your travel needs.

Introducing Our Young Team

We are proud to have dedicated, committed and professional team who have been finely honed to take care of every details of your traveling plans, including those which are very demanding and delicate.